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Tag: humor

I am the Very Model of a Modern Unitarian

I recently had reason to extend these lyrics, based off the two verses by Christopher Gist Raible, and sung to the tune of “I am the Very Model of a Modern Major General” by Sir Arthur Sullivan.

I have followed Christopher’s lead in just saying “Unitarian”, as “Unitarian Univeralist” is not just a mouthful; it’s impossible to rhyme! But this really is the UU version.

Note that the third verse has a much more subdued musical accompaniment, as in the original third verse the Major General was confronting his lack of any skills actually relevant to being a general. For the UU lyrics I attempted something similar with confronting the hard truths about actually living the UU values. But there was still time for a cheap laugh or two after that.

Heroes of the Storm – Dragon Shire Origin Story

At the start of this year I was really enjoying Heroes of the Storm, a new DotA-clone by Blizzard Entertainment. I was even going to write a review before the beta came out, but then the beta re-worked my favorite hero and I lost interest (even though he was too powerful, so he deserved it). Before I started drafting the review though, I wrote some HotS fan-fic on a flight somewhere. Mostly because of the challenge, this isn’t a deep and lore-driven world like the three it’s based on. But I overcame that, to write this backstory for the map “Dragon Shire”.

A Straw-Woman Argument

I strongly support gender equality, but it bugs me that sometimes modern gender equality is mis-interpreted as pro-woman. Political correctness also bugs me, particularly when people try to rewrite the English language because some words or expressions might be deemed offensive. Leaving aside for a moment that being offended is a state of mind in the reader, a language is not suitably expressive if it cannot provoke an emotional response (including offending people). I thus will try to provoke an emotional response with this short speech, modeled as being by and for some of the people who bug me in a non-insectoid way.

The Corporate Drone

I just went and did a bit of interviewing in the US, the time on plane flights was enough for me to write a short story on the subject. I had been researching the issue for some time as well in preparation, which ended up more useful for humor writing than for actual interviewing. Thus it’s based on the stereotypes, not on my actual experiences (except that the Zerg were on my mind after one particular interview 😉 ).