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“Ultimate” Burrito

Tried a new recipe recently: The Ultimate Burrito. It’s like every other burrito you’ve had – rolled into one. It has seven fillings plus your choice of salsa. This makes it halfway between a real meal and putting the contents of your fridge in a blender. It went about as well as could be expected, so I don’t think I’ll be repeating it. Thus, I will chronicle its life story here.


  • Plain Flour tortillas
  • Grated Carrot
  • Grated Cucumber
  • Grated Cheese
  • Scrambled Eggs
  • Kangaroo Mince
  • Plain Yogurt
  • Refried Beans
  • Medium Salsa


  1. Put other ingredients inside the tortilla.

The simple elegance of making wraps is why they have become a long-lasting favorite of mine. I don’t even bother seasoning the ingredients, so the preparation is entirely implicit in the ingredients list. Fitting them all in the tortilla is somewhat of a challenge though, and the high density of the meal meant that I was not able to have a large number of burritos in the one sitting to test various construction approaches. So here are just a few general tips:

  • Place the salsa and yogurt on last to fill in the gaps
  • Place the refried beans on first. They spread nicely on the flat tortilla, and other ingredients can sink into them easily without falling off.
  • Don’t use much of any one ingredient, it will be difficult to fit all of them in.

Like any heterogeneous amalgamations, where you place your tongue and relative food orderings can have a big impact on the experience. My usual ordering was tortilla, beans, mince, egg, carrot, cucumber, cheese, yogurt, salsa. Given this ordering, and not rotating the burrito too much, I found that while the various flavours didn’t conflict badly, they didn’t synergize much either. In particular, the refried beans tended to dominate the texture and the spicy salsa tended to dominate the flavour. If you like that flavour/texture combination, this is an excellent way to get valuable nutrients alongside them. I don’t though, so my burrito-crafting suggests that they be removed in the future. Perhaps the subtle flavours were getting dominated, but I also didn’t taste much benefit from the various duplications in the mixture (two dairy, two vegetables, two proteins). I’m not convinced that it was worth the extra effort to prepare them, so the duplicates might also be removed in the future. This leaves just carrot,
mince and yogurt, my previous burrito standby, providing me with some delicious vindication.

Epilogue: This makes me think that my cooking style is like “Epic Meal Time” meets “The Food Pyramid”. Unfortunately, those two don’t seem to get on very well.

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