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You Can’t Tax Love

Last year I had reason to write a poem for my beloved mother. Check out her site: Fix the Tax Treaty. I don’t have such strong opinions about taxes, but I will write tax themed poetry on occasion.

All Christmas season, tax is here.
On sales, shipping, hams, and beer.
Your income gave it’s usual slice;
As did all products labeled “vice”.
The tax man reaches from above —
In all his greed he can’t take love.

Fees and tariffs pad each bill,
Handed down from shill to shill.
This season like any other,
Pays a share unto big brother.
But for all that a tax can do;
It cannot skim my love for you.

Parliament themselves take off.
Their tax-enacting powers doff.
To sit at home with loving will,
(For rumor is they’re human still).
And give their taxing thoughts a shove;
Because they know, you can’t tax love.

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